Ten Foods High in Magnesium

Magnesium is the mineral that keeps us healthy, fit and full of energy. It is necessary for many enzymatic reactions in the body. And, enzymes play an important role in processes like conversion of energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Moreover, enzymes control blood sugar balance, bone health, and the proper nervous system.

It plays a key role in every process of the body, from the synthesis of DNA to the metabolism of insulin. Also, it maintains the level of calcium, potassium, and zinc in the body. Moreover, it plays a role in the proper working of the heart, muscles, and kidneys. It strengthens the teeth and bones. It is also consumed in chemical reactions in the body. Therefore, eating high magnesium foods maintain magnesium level in the body.

Magnesium Foods:

Following is the list of foods rich in magnesium:


157mg of magnesium is present in one cup of boiled spinach. Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrients. Moreover, it contains high levels of iron. Cooked spinach is super rich in magnesium. And, the addition of olive can make it rich in vitamins A, E, and K.


They also contain the number of nutrients along with magnesium. It is a group of nutrient-rich plants. These plants include lentils, beans, chickpeas, peas and soybeans. Also, they are a big source of protein. They are also rich in potassium and iron. Moreover, they have a high level of fiber and a lower glycemic index. Therefore, it decreases the threat of heart diseases. It also controls cholesterol and sugar levels. A cup of cooked black beans contains 120mg of magnesium.


These tasty crunchy nuts control cholesterol levels. Almonds are very healthy for people with Type 2 diabetes as they avoid chronic degenerative diseases. Its oil makes the skin fairer and glowing. Almost 20% of magnesium needs are fulfilled by one ounce of almonds. They are also rich in vitamin E and manganese.

Black Beans:-

This is one of the favorite food for vegetarians because they contain a high level of protein and fiber. Moreover, they have low fat and cholesterol content. Half a cup of beans has almost 60mg of magnesium. Their fiber content is found to improve sugar level. Therefore, they are really helpful for diabetic patients. Moreover, they have saponins and antioxidant quercetin that are considered heart-healing. Along with magnesium, they contain calcium and phosphorus that makes the bones strong.


118mg of magnesium is present in one cup of quinoa. It is also beneficial as it contains high levels of protein and mineral.

Sunflower Seeds:-

The magnesium found in sunflowers has many benefits. It improves heart health and prevents asthma and arthritis. Moreover, it also helps to prevent various types of cancer. It is a full pack of energy food for kids. They are helpful in children’s growth and progress as they have a high content of calcium, potassium, and iron.

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Because of the high content of starchy energy, it is a common food in tropical countries. They also contain an increased level of iron and potassium than a banana. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin B especially B6. This vitamin helps in reducing stress symptoms and prevents heart diseases and strokes.


It is also known as “bean curd” because it is made by pressing soybean milk in curd. 10gm of protein and 10% more of RDI for calcium, iron, manganese, and selenium are present in one serving of tofu. Because of the high level of proteins, it is a staple food for vegetarians. Moreover, research has found that it protects cells of arteries and reduces the chances of stomach cancer.


3 ounces of any type of rockfish contains about 45mg of magnesium and 65mcg of selenium. Pacific red snapper and black bass are meaty white rockfish. And, they are very rich in omega 3 that also gives taste to it.


It is the greatest source of magnesium. It has a lot of benefits. However, the most important of them is its efficiency in improving arthritis.


It is also a healthy snack that is rich in magnesium. 74mg of the mineral is found in one ounce of this snack. They can also be added to salad and sweets.

Benefits of Magnesium:-

  • Improves sleep quality:

Magnesium-rich foods should be increased in the diet to prevent sleeping disorders. The meal that contains melatonin and zinc along with magnesium improves sleep quality.

  • Increase Bone Mineral density:

Magnesium, calcium and other minerals help in the strength of bones.

  • Fight against depression:

Magnesium acts as an antidepressant for stress. It has powerful mood-changing properties that help to overcome depression. Pro-biotic rich foods, healthy intake of vitamin D and prevention of processed carbohydrates and sugars are natural remedies for depression. However, the addition of magnesium along with these remedies can be very helpful.

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