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Louis Gossett Jr., the 1st Black Man to Win a Supporting Actor Oscar, Dies at 87

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Tragedy Strikes Baltimore: Key Bridge Collapses, Sending Shockwaves Through the City

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The Pig Heart Transplant to Human experiment failed for the second time

A 58-year-old man Lawrence Faucette had been fighting heart failure and was not qualified for a traditional heart transplant. Alternatively, on 20 September, Mr. Faucette got a genetically modified pig heart for organ transplantation. After the procedure of heart transplantation, the pig’s heart seemed to be functioning well. Although as of late, indications of rejection … Read more

Lady Gaga says this is what having fibromyalgia feels like

‘It’s every day waking up not knowing how you’re going to feel’ Five years ago, Lady Gaga revealed that she had fibromyalgia, a chronic illness so intense that it led to “severe pain” and tour cancellations during her music career. Fibromyalgia is a long-lasting disorder that “causes pain and tenderness throughout the body,” according to the National Institute of Arthritis … Read more