Is Your Bra Causing You More Fibromyalgia Pain?

In addition to common symptoms of fibromyalgia, many fibro patients also suffer from another condition called Costochondritis. This causes pain in the breast and ribcage regions. Wearing a bra is almost impossible and can be painful. The right bra can drop the pain significantly if you are suffering from Costochondritis.

What is Costochondritis?

Costochondritis is the inflammation of the cartilage that links the breastbone to the ribs. Much of fibromyalgia pain starts with this. It is unexpected and causes extreme chest pain. The pain can be a little irritating or very painful. Depending on the amount of inflammation a patient experience. Sometimes, people describe what they go through as burning, stabbing or hurting pain. Also, some even connect the pain to a heart attack.

Symptoms of Costochondritis

Sometimes fibromyalgia patients show symptoms of costochondritis which include:

  • Any activity or exercise worsens the pain in the ribcage and chest.
  • Sneezing and coughing due to stretching of the inflamed cartilage and pain when inhaling deeply.
  • Pain radiates from the chest to the arms and shoulders and mimics a heart attack in this way.
  • Tietze’s Syndrome is a condition in which pain is sometimes followed by swelling or redness.

Finding the Right Bra for Fibromyalgia and Costochondritis

In this condition, it is a painful irritation to put on any tight clothing. Which compresses the rib and unnecessary to say an underwire bra. Most women don’t wear a bra to reduce pain. However, it’s best to wear something not-too-tight. In a comfy fabric and easy to wear and remove when needed. Here are a few advice in finding the right bra:

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Bra Fabric Types

When you buy a bra, look for:

  • Something made with smooth, soft and breathable stuff such as cotton, silk or satin.
  • Smooth styles of the bra are best because they stop edgings from pressing against the skin.
  • Avoid anything rough like lace, and fabric with embroidery to avoid thread fiber from brushing against the skin and causing pain.

Best Bra Styles for Every Size

Soft-Cup Bras: These bras provide good support for women of all sizes. Use something with wide shoulder straps because they won’t dig into your skin. Such as the thinner ones do. A front-closure design would also decrease the pain of putting on and taking it off.

Sports Bras: These bras can be very comfortable and provide good support for women of all sizes. Choose for something softer and with a wider elasticity to stop pressing your ribcage.

Bralettes: A bralette might work for smaller sized women.  These are mostly made with calm soft-cups with enough support.

Bandeaus: These are also the best choice for small to middle-sized women. Bandeaus would confirm that no wires or edges would press against the skin.

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