How changing your Bedding can help you in getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Poor sleep is one of the major consequences of suffering from fibromyalgia. But one thing that a lot of people don’t realize about what is coming between them and good night’s sleep is bedding.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic illness in which pain becomes so intense that at times it could be so much difficult to handle. When you are dealing with you pain all day long, it is important to choose the bedding which feels comfortable for you.

Following are some tips on how changing the bedding can help you in getting good night’s sleep:

Sufficient support

Try to choose the bedding that seems to give you sufficient support and make you feel relaxed. Begin with choosing such mattress that permits that curving of the spin. Latex mattresses are considered to be a great option since these mattresses get mold according to the shape of body and absorb any shocks that arise by turning or tossing.

Fabrics matter

Avoid copied or fake fabrics and choose to find cotton fabrics. Not only this cotton will make you comfortable at night, but will also keep you cool.

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On the other hand, the copied ones can set-up heat and will cause itching that will further result in uncomfortable sleeping experience.

The good quality of the bedding is not measured with the thread count. It is only a marketing tactic. Moreover, try to avoid those bedding which has ‘permanent press’ or ‘wrinkle free’ marked on it. That means the bedding must have been treated with formaldehyde resin, as it is a chemical that won’t wash out by any detergent you use.

Wash out new bed sheets

Irritants can get into the new sheets while packaging and can cause discomfort when you are sleeping. That is the reason why it is important to wash out new bed sheets at least twice before using them. It will get you rid of any kind of irritants and will soften the fabric.

Discomfort causing by detergents

There are some cases in which irritation is caused due to the detergents and not be the bedding itself. Look for the good quality detergent before finding new bedding.

Choose such organic detergents that are free from every type of perfumes or dyes. If you buy organic bedding and washing them with chemicals, it will really make no difference.

Change the bedding every 7-10 days

It gives the best feeling to crawl into a clean set of sheets. So even if you have to make some extra amount of effort in the laundry, it will really worth it.

You should be changing your bedding every 7 to 10 days normally. But it is good if you change it more often. For example, if you don’t like taking a shower before your bedtime, then obviously, there are more chances of getting your bed dirty quickly. In any case, it is good to start in 7 days.

Purchase new bedding every 2 years

It is important to buy a new bedding at least every 2 years because the beddings get worn out with excessive washing and hot water, just like other pieces of fabrics.

The time to get a new bed sheet occurs when you have to toss and turn in your bedding and you are not just able to sleep well.

Have a good pair of pillowcases

It is not enough to have the bedding just, pillowcases are also much important and they shouldn’t be left out. Your sleep completely gets spoiled by a bad pillowcase, no matter how much fine your bedding is.

Moreover, you can only buy new pillowcases if you are not able to buy a new bedding right now.

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  1. I bought a hypoallergenic pillow and sheets recently. Plus cooling. They had other features but those are what I wanted. lol. I agree with the detergent as well… I am allergic to sulfates and have been since I was a kid (actually this has just gotten worse) so anything washed in a the wrong detergent is a ‘issue’


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