How My Friends Accident Helped My Fibromyalgia Pain

I’ve lived with fibromyalgia for over 20 years, along with a dozen more issues that I won’t list here since we all deal with them on a daily basis. From medical professionals telling me I’m insane and to “buck up,” to mystical cures I hoped and imagined would work, I’ve heard it all. In the end, just a small fraction of the hundreds of various things I tested were effective. It’s a condensed list.

The greatest approach I’ve found to manage my flare-ups and lessen my everyday Fibromyalgia pain was and still is detoxing to address imbalances in my body, followed by appropriate fibro eating and supplements. I humbly acknowledge that I take painkillers in addition to this (and some other things like meditation, essential oils, and lengthy hot baths). Unfortunately, I get ill from them. They give me terrible nausea. Even when I split them in half and eat a full meal before taking them. I only use painkillers when I am in excruciating pain and have nothing to do for the next four to six hours. I often hear similar tales from other fibro patients. Life is amazing.

How I Found A Solution To My Pain

An old acquaintance of mine brought her family on a trip to a little town in Virginia earlier this year (2015). They had a horseback trail excursion on the first day. She said that she was enjoying herself well halfway through the trip and was just riding slowly when her horse suddenly went crazy, bucked her off, and fell. A lovely, large rock was waiting for her as she touched down. She, unfortunately, fractured 3 ribs that day. Fortunately, things didn’t become worse.

A few weeks after learning the news, I went to see her at her house. Unfortunately, physicians can’t really do much to assist if you have fractured a rib or know someone who has. They check to make sure that no lungs were pierced by the fractured bones. After giving you some painkillers, they discharge you. Unfortunately, much like me, my buddy had trouble with the painkillers. She said that the first three days she took them, she passed out. Her delicate stomach, like mine, was unable to tolerate the powerful drugs.

I anticipated seeing my pal at her home hunched over in agony and queasy from the pain medication. I found something quite different. Although she wasn’t completely pain-free and cured, she was in high spirits, didn’t feel ill, and wasn’t in any kind of discomfort. I was a bit taken aback.

She said that she stopped using the painkillers after a few days. She was in such severe agony that her husband attempted to apply IcyHot cream to her ribs in an effort to give her even a little respite. She was surprised to hear that it did, in fact, temporarily lessen the pain, but only somewhat. However, THIS was the mystical turning point that started it all.

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Being the astute and perceptive woman she is, my buddy used the internet to look into Fibromyalgia pain creams that could have a bit more potency than over-the-counter remedies. She didn’t just go out to locate some super-effective online magic remedy, however. She had requirements that a product had to meet before she would test it since she didn’t want to be duped by online sales hype.

  1. The pain cream must be covered by her insurance, therefore FREE to her.
  2. The pain cream must be made for her particular type of pain and not a one-size-fits-all solution.

After a few days of researching, she finally found a product that met her criteria. When I saw her, she had been using it for 3 days in a row and I could tell….it was helping her tremendously.

The Only Product That Has Helped My Fibromyalgia Pain, and Not Made Me Sick

Naturally, I asked her if I may try it as soon as she informed me. On that particular day, my neuropathy was giving me the willies and my shoulders were hurting me. I was shocked when she said “no.” I was not allowed to try it on her. After some arguing, she finally gave her reasoning. She said that this specific lotion had been particularly formulated for her.

The cream in her bottle would not be powerful enough for me (she has known me for years and has witnessed my suffering, which is tremendous) after she spent 20 to 30 minutes on the phone detailing her experience. She stated that rather than giving me the opportunity to sample her cream and having me be unimpressed with the outcomes… …thought calling her and requesting a custom bottle catered to my particular discomfort would be the best course of action for me.

The words “personalized” and “adapted to my suffering” immediately caused my bank account to appear before my eyes. Thank you, that would be lovely, but I know I can’t afford it, I said to her.

Have you kept your insurance? It was her.

“Yes,” I said.……………..

It is then FREE! They don’t even need a credit card, it’s completely free, she yelled.

Chronic Pain Cream from The American Pain and Mobility Institute has been like an angel from heaven for me these past several weeks. Each and every bottle is customized for your particular pain issues.

I was astonished by the results on the first day I applied the cream. My expectation was that this would simply be another item to add to my long list of things that don’t work for me. However, this was untrue. I felt fantastic! For the first time in years, my back and shoulders felt so wonderful that I considered going for a jog! LOL! You would understand how amusing it is if you knew me. It not only reduced my discomfort, but it also made me really joyful.

You know that sensation you get after purchasing a lottery ticket and spending a few minutes daydreaming about all the money you’ll have, all the limitless options that would arise after winning? It was just like that.

I suppose I was experiencing hope for the first time in a very long time.


I’m not here to force this thing down your throats, people. I’m not here to sell the next magical treatment on the internet. I prepared this essay to provide the fibro community an opportunity to find some respite from your excruciating suffering. Believe me when I tell you that things can improve. But you must ascertain what functions for you. Because we are all unique, no one solution can resolve every problem we face. You’ll have to go through a number of trials, tests, and experiments on your way to relief.

You’ll eventually figure out what works best for you and what doesn’t. I will always be happy that I had the courage to go on with my research even after 20 years. The American Pain and Mobility Institute’s Chronic Pain Cream is completely free; no payment is necessary, no shipping costs, nothing. Your desire to attempt is all that is necessary.


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