14 Reasons Coconut Milk is Good For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

For some people, coconut or coconut milk is really an amazing thing to get through a hot summer day. And some people don’t like it much. But eating it raw, and having coconut in other meals as toppings or sidelines are two different subjects.

Eating a coconut gets a little irritating because of its pulpy and crunchy texture that gets caught in teeth and messes up the throat for a while. But when it comes to drinking it, that’s a totally different story. Mix it up in a cold Pina Colada, mint margarita or cold lemonade, you will get the best taste and a lot of health benefits.

For fibromyalgia sufferers, these heavenly combinations will get you to relax and cut a slack from the pain a little bit. Therefore, add some coconut milk in your daily protein shakes, or what you can call a daily power punch. And there you go, you can have loads of health benefits in the long run.

Coconut Milk Health Benefits:

  1. It contains high levels of magnesium which helps to calm overactive nerves and muscles which in turn helps to relieve chronic pain. It also helps to regulate heartbeat and minimize palpitations
  2. Lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid that is rich in mother’s milk and has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is also said to help reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  3. Includes manganese which helps to absorb glucose, prevent swelling and increase vitamin absorption
  4. It has selenium which helps to reduce swelling and joint pain
  5. It has phosphorous that helps to strengthen bones and teeth
  6. Potassium which supports heart, kidney, brain and muscle tissue
  7. Iron which helps to create red blood cells and carry oxygen through the body
  8. Rich in antioxidants which kill off free radicals that are responsible for a whole host of medical issues such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, cardiovascular disease and cancer
  9. It is a great source of healthy fat which helps to raise our good HDL cholesterol levels. These healthy fats also keep you feeling full longer and satiate the receptors in the brain that control appetite
  10. High in fiber to keep you feeling full longer and helps to keep you regular, easing IBS symptoms
  11. Rich in vitamins C & E to help keep your immune system strong
  12. Loaded with vitamins B1, B3, B5 and B6 which provide energy to our fatigued cells
  13. It is lactose-free and is easy to digest for those of us that are lactose intolerant
  14. It helps to fortify and condition the hair and skin. It even aids in diminishing wrinkles and baggy skin

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The things that are beneficial for you can also be bad if not used properly. Coconut milk can also be bad for you if used excessively. That is because coconut milk is high in calories and saturated fatty acids. Although, the fat in it is good for health, but used excessively can cause heart problems, weight gain because of high calories and other health problems.

Another drawback of using coconut milk is that it is surprisingly expensive. But, you can find it online on Amazon and other online grocery stores in your home country. There, you will find products on sale and on a little less prices rather than buying it from a physical shop. Because it will involve transportation cost and effort to go and buy it.

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