6 Fibromyalgia Triggers You Should Eliminate Right Away


Knowing what your triggers are for fibromyalgia is an important step in your battle to feel better. Each person will show symptoms in different ways and each person may be affected by triggers differently.

No matter who you are, there are six triggers you should work on as soon as possible; metals near your body, stress, smoking, lessen exposure to cold weather, minimize menstrual pain, and get moving.

Eliminating just one of these triggers will make you feel better, once you have done the first trigger elimination you will certainly want to make an effort to lesson all your fibromyalgia triggers.

Dental Fillings May be a Trigger, Change them and Feel Better

If you have been to the dentist lately you might have been asked if you would like to switch out your old fillings for newer ones. This is because your old fillings contain mercury and research has shown that mercury is bad for you to have in your mouth.

For fibromyalgia patients, removing your old metal fillings could just be the key to you feeling better. Other metal you are exposed to on a daily basis should also be limited as much as possible.

Talk with your dentist on your next visit to discuss a time frame for replacing your old fillings. It might take a few months or even years depending on the cost, but it is worth the time to get the metal out of your body.

High Stress Lifestyles

It might not be possible to eliminate stress from your life, but you can work to lessen this fibromyalgia trigger. A high stress life can increase headaches, elevated blood pressure and cause weight gain.

It can also contribute to a worsening of your fibromyalgia symptoms. Take stress serious and make an effort to eliminate it from your life. Reducing stress in your life might take some serious planning, so take it slow and make small steps to eliminate the biggest stressors in your life.

Take time for yourself to do some deep breathing, meditate, read or go for a walk to help reduce the feelings of stress on your body.  Talk to your friends and family about other ways you can eliminate stress in your life.

Stop Smoking as Soon As Possible

We have all heard that smoking is bad for us and can cause cancer, so it is not hard to believe that smoking can also have other effects on fibromyalgia patients. Nicotine has detrimental effects on your entire body, including the functioning of your muscles.

So naturally it is a substance you will want to eliminate as soon as possible to make sure your muscles are operating at their peak. Stopping smoking can be extremely overwhelming, so take it slow.

Slowly decrease the number of cigarettes you smoke over a few weeks or even months. Any progress you can make in eliminating nicotine from your life will be helpful in making you feel better.

Does the Weather Really affect Symptoms?

Of course we cannot eliminate all weather from our lives. Living in a warmer climate may be helpful in lessening your fibromyalgia symptoms, so if you are thinking of moving, why not consider a warmer climate?

If you live in an area that has all the distinct four seasons, you can do things to limit the effects of the cold on your body. Keep your home a little warmer than what you would typically heat it to.

Consider investing in some warm blankets, slippers and sweats to wear when you are around the house. Your body will feel better bundled up and warm so it is also important to dress warmly when you are going outside into the cold weather. Wear a hat, gloves and warm coat anytime you venture outside into the winter weather.

The Role of Menstrual Cycle and What You Can Do to Lessen the Triggers

Menstrual symptoms can vary from aches, pains, cramps, high blood pressure, migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and so much more. We cannot eliminate our menstrual cycle without taking drastic measures, but we can lessen the monthly exasperation of fibromyalgia.

Some important ways to lessen the control your menstrual cycle has on your health include; drinking plenty of water before and during your menstrual cycle, eliminating caffeine during this time and moderate exercise.

Water is important at all times of the month, but many women find it is extremely helpful in reducing the symptoms of menstrual cycles. Drink at least 64 ounces of fluid each day to ensure your body is eliminating waste and operating at its optimal levels.

Caffeine can contribute to irritability and cramping as well as muscle aches, so reducing or eliminating it will be helpful too.

Stop the Sedentary Lifestyle Right Away!

Exercise is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle; it is also an extremely important part of eliminating fibromyalgia triggers. A sedentary lifestyle is only going to aggravate your fibromyalgia symptoms by increasing muscle stiffness and lessening your body’s flexibility.

Reducing your sedentary lifestyle can have innumerable health benefits, weight loss, less joint pain and better circulation are all part of an active lifestyle. It may not be possible to delve straight into a highly active lifestyle so try taking it slow at first.

Start off with walking on a daily basis, walk just 5 or 10 minutes and you can start seeing the difference in how your body is feeling.

Fighting fibromyalgia takes careful consideration of the triggers which are in your life. You might have some or all of these triggers, or you might have other specific triggers. Take the time to explore the things that are making you feel better or worse on a daily bases.

Try keeping a journal to note your symptoms and observations about other items that were around you at the time. Keep track of your monthly menstrual cycle, water intake and exercise to make an effort to decrease your trigger factors. Stop smoking and talk to your physician about other changes you can make today that will help you feel better.

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